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Brand Atlas, a dynamic tool for precision marketing, is grounded in extensive research - an ongoing large sample survey of economically active South Africans living in households with a monthly income exceeding R6000. The survey has been running continuously since 2018. The survey response data are accessible online for subscribers.

Our methodology goes below the surface, utilizing multiple rich segment descriptor variables including demographics, psychographics, money matters, retail, automotive, media, and more.


This comprehensive approach allows Brand Atlas users to define, size, and describe consumer segments with unparalleled detail, empowering marketers to tailor campaigns with precision. From understanding consumer sentiments to navigating market risks, Brand Atlas is your key to strategic decision-making and long-term success.


Brand Atlas 2024 Annual Subscription:

Cost: R165k (ex vat)

  • Unlimited use of the data

  • Unlimited users of the data for the company as a whole

  • Fully consultative (we can do your runs and profilers for you as and when you need)

  • All the back data and new data released in your year of subscription


Like the name says –  a digital omnibus. An ongoing survey with consumers where users can ask questions and get immediate answers.

How it works:

1.Give us your questions and who you are targeting

2.We send you a cost estimate

3.We draft questions for your approval

4.We add your questions into the BA respondent stream

5.The sample size grows daily - you choose when to stop

6.We track, chart and annotate the findings for you

Questions set-up fees:

Tick the boxes: R2 000 per question

Rankings / attribute associations: R4 000 per exercise

Open-enders: R2 000 (coding fee to be agreed)


n = 300  R 50 000

n = 500  R 80 000

n = 1000  R120 000​​​

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